Svartisen - Austerdalsisen glacier (inland)

Austerdalsisen glacier is reached via a 20 minute boat ride across Svartisvatnet, 32 km north of Mo i Rana. Svartisen is Norway’s second largest glacier, it has 60 glacier tongues and covers a full 370 km2. At just 20 m above sea level, it is the lowest glacier in mainland Europe, making it easily accessible for hikes and nature-based experiences.

2013-09-0210:45 Guro

The hike up to Austerdalsisen is along a 3 km trail, which most people manage fine. Austerdalsisen’s deposits crevassed ice into the water and ice cold glacial rivers making this a majestic experience.

The Austerdalsisen glacier is situated just north of Mo i Rana and can be reach by a 20 minute boat trip across the Svartisvatnet Lake, followed by a 3km walk. Remember good footwear. 

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