Trollfjell Unesco Global Geopark – Unique geology

Trollfjell Geopark is an area where you experience and learn more about a geological heritage of national and international importance.

2015-04-2913:11 Solveig Svendsen

In the geopark you will hear interesting stories about how the geology and multiple ice ages have sculpted a unique landscape, and how this is the reason for the special coastal culture and how it has influenced the way of living since the Stone Age. 

Walking in the geopark

There is a great variety of nature experiences that will fit most people in Trollfjell Geopark. Here you can hike in either flat or hilly landscape or on mountaintops that range from 200 to 1058 meter. Many of the geo sites in the park can be experienced along hiking trails. There are a little more than 70 marked hiking trails with varying difficulties.

Paddling in the geopark

The archipelago in Trollfjell Geopark is great for paddling. You can find a scenic route regardless which direction the wind blows. You will get close to the elements since the archipelago consists of 13.000 islands, islets and skerries. There are registered about 250 hatching bird species in the area, and from the kayak you can get close contact with birds such as eagle, eider ducks, goose, oystercatcher and black guillemot.

Bicycling in the geopark

To cycle along the coast at slow speed is very popular. This is what you would call “slow travel”; bicycle a little, hike on a mountain, eat good food and get a great night’s sleep. The area is relatively flat, so it is easy to cycle for the whole family. One recommended bicycling route is to start at Leka and cycle northwards. You can bicycle the whole way, or you can take the hurtigruten from Rørvik to Brønnøysund and continue exploring the islands on bicycle.

The geopark consist of the municipalities of Brønnøysund, Vega, Vevelstad, Sømna, Bindal and Leka. You can visit Trollfjell geopark throughout the whole year.

We welcome you to experience the majestic landscape and the special geological phenomena.

Bjørn Henrik Ormø
The Mythic mountain Torghatten
The area around mountain Torghatten is perfect for Kayaking , click to open in lightbox
Magnar Solbakk
Man becomes little in the vast landscape
 Man becomes little in the vast landscape, click to open in lightbox
Turid Færøy
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Erlend Haarberg
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Trollfjell Unesco Global Geopark
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