Your Frozen winter wonderland adventure

Bring your family on a Frozen inspired adventure just below the Arctic Circle.

2019-11-0413:42 Guro Larsen Brown

Mosjøen is the oldest town in the Helgeland region and is situated just below the Arctic Circle. With its historic buildings, traditional church, snowy mountain peaks and fjord it creates a perfect winter wonderland experience, without the hustle and bustle of the bigger tourist spots.

 Historic Sjøgata

Take a stroll back in time and explore the Sjøgata street, Northern Norway´s longest clubster of 19th-century wooden houses. The street might loook like an open air museum but with the many, cafes, shops, art galleries and restaurants it´s an important part of the town and a popular spot with the locals.   

Do you want to build a snowman?

The activity provider Nature Helgeland offers winter camps right outside the town centre. Try dog sledding through snowy winter landscapes, build a snowman or test snowshoeing. You might even bump into Svein and his reindeer friends, they live locally. 

During day time lunch and coffee will made on the open fire, exactly how the Norwegians do it. Sitting on reindeer skin around the fire makes a great setting for  storytelling and sharing experiences.

If you choose to join an evening excursion the magical northern light might make an apperance, as well as the enchanting blur hour.

To book your Frozen adventure in Mosjøen please contact Naturlige Helgeland at

Dolstad Church

The red picturesque wooden church, Dolstad Chruch, dates back to 1735 and is Northern Norway´s oldest octagonal cruciform church. The church is dedicated to St Michael, and is situated in the Dolstad Folk Museum, just a shorts troll from the town centre.

Authentic accommodation

Fru Haugans Hotel is sitauted in the old street of Sjøgata and on the banks of the river Vefsna. Dating back more than 200 years, it is the oldest hotel in Northern Norway. The hotel was bought in 1885 by Mrs Ellen Haugan has remained in the family ever since. Offers high standard accommodation and excellent food.

You can also enjoy historical accommodation on a budget; the historic houses of Sjøgata are  offered by Kulturverkstedet are furnished in the 19th century style. As a guest in one of these old houses, you will find yourself immersed in the town´s historic setting.

Take the Arctic Circle train to Mosjøen

Mosjøen is ideally situated on the Artic Circle train line from Trondheim to Bodø, so can easily be combined with a magical train journey through winter landscapes. There are also a regional airport in Mosjøen operated by the Norwegian airline Widerøe.

Silvia Lawrence
Northern lights over Mosjøen
Silvia Lawrence
Sjøgata Mosjøen
Silvia Lawrence
Winter wonderland
Silvia Lawrence
Northern lights near Mosjøen
Silvia Lawrence
Sjøgata garages