Okstindan and the Nordland county route

Okstindan is a majestetic mountain massiv near the Arctic Circle by the Swedish border. It is also the setting for one of the most well-kept hiking secrets in the country - the marked Nordland county route.

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Hiking along the Nordland County Route lets you experience the scenery of Northern Norway at its best, with elevations from 400 metres (1300 ft.) above sea level to Oksskolten, this region's highest peak, at 1916 metres (6286 ft.). The area is easily accessible, and perfect for hiking. Here are some suggestions of hiking trails from Umbukta to Hattfjelldal:

From Leirskardalen to the Rabothytte

One of the most exciting trail routes in this area, is a wandering from Leirskardalen in Korgen to Rabothytta - the most impressive DNT cabin in Norway. Rabothytta is dramatically situated at 1.200 metres altitude, on the very edge of the Okstindbreen glacier. The cabin enjoys a stunning view of the glacier, as well as the Okstindan mountain range and its ruling summit Oksskolten, the highest mountain in Northern Norway. 

Rabothytta draws visitors for its architecture as well as the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. The cabin is self-service (unstaffed) and accomodates 30 overnight guests. From the closest road (Leirskardalen) it can be reached in about 1,5 hours in the summer, passing through beautiful mountain terrain. Hemnes Tourist Association rents out the cabin and holds the key. 

You can also stay at Korgen Camping by the salmon river Røssåga, and go for a day trip to the Rabothytte. Korgen Camping offers 5 high standard cabins all year round as well as 8 simple standard cabins during the summer months. The sanitary building with toilets, showers, washer and drier is open for the guests in the same period. Prices from NOK 400.

From Umbukta to Kjensvasshytta cabin

Starting at Umbukta mountain lodge, the Nordland County Route heads southwest across easy terrain between Akersvatnet and Øver-Uman towards Austre Kjensvatn lake. Here you'll find the beautiful and spacious Kjensvasshytta cabin, built to a high standard. Hemnes Tourist Association rents out the cabin and holds the key. See contact information at the bottom of the page. Distance: About 24 km (15 miles). Duration: About 8 hours.

From Kjensvasshytta to Stekvasselv Farm 

Gressvasshytta cabin

If you would like a shorter walk, we suggest hiking to Gressvasshytta cabin and staying there overnight. Gressvasshytta cabin sleeps 20. Hemnes Tourist Association holds the key to the cabin; see contact information at the bottom of the page.This walk takes around 3.5 to 4 hours.

Stekvasselv Farm

The hike from Kjensvasshytta to Stekvasselv Farm heads east on the north side of the Okstindene range to Gressvasshytta cabin, a hike in moderately difficult terrain. The trail from Gressvasshytta follows the hillside on the east side of Spjeltfjelldalen Nature Reserve towards Nord-Røssvatnet lake and Granheim.

Stekvasselv Farm is about 2 km (1.2 miles) west of Granheim, where the trail goes down the county road.   The Farm, which is situated in beautiful surroundings featuring the Okstindene mountain range and Okstindbreen glacier as a backdrop. Stekvasselv provides accommodation with comfortable beds, and serves meals by prior arrangement. Distance: from Kjensvasshytta cabin to Stekvasselv Farm: About 27 km (16 miles). Duration: 9.5 to 10 hours.

Practical information:

  • If you are not arriving in your own car, you can fly to Mo i Rana Airport and then go by bus to Korgen or by train to Bjerka. Upon prior agreement, Stekvasselv Farm can collect you from Bjerka railway station or Korgen bus station and take you to the starting point. For staying in Korgen Camping, take the train to Bjerka station.
  • Contacts and useful websites:

  • DNT (Norwegian trekking association) for buying key online. 
  • Keyholders for Kjensvasshytta cabin: Johnny Hansen, tel. +47 958 45 683 or Svein A. Brygfjeld, tel. +47 906 93 110.
  • Keyholders for Rabothytta cabin: or tel. +47 906 93 110. 
  • Keyholders for Gressvasshytta cabin: Eli Ytterli, tel. +47 991 28 207 or Reidar Boldermo, tel. +47 924 29 521.
  • Stekvasselv Farm: Tel. +47 916 70 540.
  • Korgen Camping: Tel. +47 473 74 978.

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