Torghatten - The legendary mountain

The internationally renowned mountain Torghatten just outside Brønnøysund, is pierced all the way through - the hole has to be seen to be believed!

2017-02-2809:06 Solveig og Gunn

You might feel very small, indeed, as you walk through the 160-metre long, 15-20 metre wide and 35-metre tall tunnel, naturally formed by powerful natural forces. A 30-minute walk along a well-marked path takes you up there. Situated 15 km from Brønnøysund.

Torghatten mountain (258 m high (846 ft)) is on the island of Torget in the south-west of Brønnøy municipality. It is famous for its characteristic hole that goes right through the mountain.

This hole was created during the Ice Age. Ice and water gradually eroded away the loose rock, while the harder rock around the top of the mountain remained. The result was a hole the size of a grand cathedral.

According to legend, Torghatten was formed when Hestmannen mountain was disappointed in love and fired an arrow at Lekamøya, who was running away from him. The King of Sømna mountain saw this and threw his hat in front of the arrow – the arrow pierced the hat and formed the hole. Then the sun rose, and turned them all to stone.

The most popular way up to the hole is via the east side. The walk follows a well-maintained trail and takes about 30 minutes at a casual pace. The oldest steps on the path date back to the 1870s. Further up the hillside, the path enters a canyon with steep walls. The best view into the hole is from the top of the scree. If you turn to the north, you can see Brønnøysund and the Seven Sisters mountains range in the distance. The view is incredible, a real opportunity to see the Helgeland coast and its hundreds of tiny islands at their most beautiful. The view alone makes it worth hiking up to the hole.

Torghatten is easy to get to from Brønnøysund, via the Brønnøysund bridge and along Road 54. Brønnøysund also has its own airport, is a port of call for Hurtigruten boats and is on the Coastal Route (FV17).

Remember to wear sturdy shoes and to take your camera.


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