Myken bed and breakfast (closed season 2020)

Here we are talking about unique accommodation! Myken B&B is located in a closed school, at the very end of the sea at Helgeland. Here they offer accommodation and delicious simple homemade food such as delicious soups, sandwiches and mussels. In the old gym, you can sit comfortably, enjoy Norway's most beautiful views and eat soup based on the sea's ingredients. They have Norway's only indoor campsite - always good weather! The carts are vintage and furnished as comfortable double rooms.

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In the cafe, you can sit comfortably in soft couches and enjoy Norway's most beautiful views. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, cakes and precious drops from the island's distillery.

If you want accommodation, you have several options. Both the teacher's room, the chemistry lab and the school kitchen have been converted into comfortable double rooms. You share bathrooms with the other overnight guests.

If you are looking for a unique experience, the library is the place: Indoors, in the old school on the car-free island, you will find the campsite. Here you can rent a small, vintage caravan that has been converted into comfortable sleeping accommodation for two. In the campsite's common area you can relax in the deck chair under the palm trees.

8181 Myken

The distance to the nearest mainland is almost 32 km. The exact position for Myken lighthouse is 66 ° 45′52 ″ N, 12 ° 28′37 ″ E. The easiest way to Myken is by boat from Tonnes or Vågaholmen. From Bodø or Sandnessjøen you can take the Nordlandsexpressen (express boat) to Tonnes, where you can change to the boat serving the Red Island route to Myken. It is also possible to take the train to Mo i Rana, and bus/car from there to Tonnes. If you come by car from the south, take the E6 to Mo i Rana, before taking off towards the sea gap. For those coming by car from the north, Vågaholmen is often the most practical alternative. Rødøyruta also stops at Vågaholmen. Free parking is available at Tonnes. There is no car traffic on Myken. The place has for hundreds of years been the home of a few people, never more than 150. The low, small hilly islands and islets have given shelter to the storms and grazed some cows and sheep.

Telefon: 93440078

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