Rødøy Island

Experienced kayakers often use Tonnes as a base for exploring the northernmost islands of Helgeland. You can, for instance, enjoy an excursion into the Melfjord and Nordfjord, with magnificent views of the Svartisen glacier, head for the island Vikingen on which there is a globe marking your crossing the Arctic Circle, enjoying views of the distinctive mountains Hestmannen (the Horseman) and Rødøyløva (the Rødøy Lion). A less challenging alternative is simply to bring your kayak on the express boat or ferry to Rødøy, and then explore the island’s sheltered inlets and white beaches.

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Your kayak excursion is largely in sheltered waters that are not unduly exposed to wind, heavy seas or strong currents. It is relatively easy to reach the shore and beach your kayak. On shore, it may be fairly easy to request assistance if needed, and many places you are near a road.

Duration: 1–2 days

  • From the town of Mo i Rana, drive the Coastal Highway Fv17 to Tonnes or Kilboghamn. Buses also depart from the town’s central station; check whether the bus company can transport your kayak. For schedules for Helgeland, visit
  • Take the express boat from Tonnes to Rødøy, or the Kilboghamn–Rødøy ferry. Note: For your return journey, ferries correspond at Jektvika.
  • For ferry schedules (Rødøybassenget) and express boat schedules (Rødøyruten), visit Another option is to take the Nordlandsekspressen express boat from Tonnes via Rødøy.
  • Launch your kayak by the ferry quay. Your route goes around the island of Buøya, then towards Selvågena and Klokkergården. Alternatively, after rounding Buøya, head directly to Lyngøya via Kilholmen and Verholmen. Then chart a course for Ramnøynova, perhaps with a rest stop on Lamøya or at Våtskjerpet.
  • Your return journey goes via Hestøya and Pålholmen, back to Klokkergården.
  • NB. During the nesting season, it is forbidden to go ashore on some of the islands.
  • We recommend a hike up Rødøyløva, 440 m. The summit offers an incredible view over the Helgeland coast.

Terje Rakke NordicLife/
Rødøy Island
Terje Rakke NordicLife/
Rødøy Island