Sleneset consists of innumerable flat islands, making these sheltered waters perfect for long or short kayaking trips, regardless of whether you’re experienced or not. There is always an island nearby, so beginners can stay close to shore if they prefer. Moflag or Sleneset make an excellent base. We strongly recommend that experienced kayakers consider a trip to the beautiful island of Lovund. Check the weather forecast, although only a short portion of this trip is across the open sea.

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Your kayak excursion is largely in sheltered waters that are not unduly exposed to wind, heavy seas or strong currents. It is relatively easy to reach the shore and beach your kayak. On shore, it may be fairly easy to request assistance if needed, and many places you are near a road.

Duration: 1–2 days


  • Take the express boat from Nesna to Sleneset.
  • Launch your kayak by the quay.
  • Head south and follow the western shore of Straumøya, then along Ulvøya (or south via Litle Ulvøya), around to the other side of the island.
  • Then head westwards towards Tranøya, before turning north and following the island’s eastern shore. Continue along Fanøyan, and through the sound to Slåtterøya.
  • Continue westward via Slåtterøya and Moflaget.
  • Head north via Moflaget and Straumøya, returning to the quay.
  • Good campsites are rather limited, although there are some good spots to pitch a tent in the interior of the island of Ulvøya. However, be sure to bring plenty of bottled water, as Sleneset has no reliable freshwater sources.

Duration: 2–3 days

This kayak journey from Nesna goes via Rognan, Vikholmen, Hugla and Mefjordsholman, to Alsøya. Then it continues westward along Tomma’s southern shore, past Trælneset, Husby, Tomsvika, etc.

  • The western shore of Tomma is very scenic. Finnvikdalen is especially worth a visit.
  • From Finnvikdalen continue northwards. When you reach the island of Kiløya turn westward via Lomøya.
  • The crossing to Sandvær may seem long, but after a few kilometres you are once again in the midst of sheltering skerries, and islets with beautiful beaches.
  • To reach Sleneset you must cross the sound to Reløya or the Solværøyene islands. The sheltered waters around Sleneset has one of the most scenic archipelagos on the Helgeland coast.
  • The area offers many exciting kayaking routes. The weather may decide your direction and preferred options.
  • One alternative is to chart a course through the archipelago to Lovund.
  • The crossing to Lovundvika is rather exposed, but fortunately only a short distance is on the open sea.


Helgeland Kajakk
Helgeland coast
Bård Løken
Magne Johan Steiro, Hav og Fritid

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