Onøy and Lurøy Islands

Onøy and Lurøy offer excellent kayaking conditions for beginners.

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2013-11-1312:21 Guro


Your kayak excursion is largely in sheltered waters that are not unduly exposed to wind, heavy seas or strong currents. It is relatively easy to reach the shore and beach your kayak. On shore, it may be fairly easy to request assistance if needed, and many places you are near a road.

Duration: 2–3 days


  • Take the express boat to Onøya.
  • Launch your kayak north of the quay.
  • Set a northern course across to Røssøya, then follow that island’s eastern shore.
  • North of Røssøya, your route passes Bukkøya. After rounding this island, set a westward course for Vardøya.
  • Then continue south between Vardøya and Laukøya.
  • After passing the southern tip of Vardøya, turn east and return to the quay.
  • Good campsites are limited, although there are some good spots to pitch a tent in the interior of the island of Røssøya. However, be sure to bring plenty of bottled water as there are no reliable freshwater sources.

Tips: Lurøy Farm, an old estate near Lurøy church, is well worth a visit. It features one of the has the best-preserved Renaissance-style gardens in northern Norway, dating from the late 18th century.

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