Offersøy and Tjøtta

Ideally situated by the Coastal Route FV17 and a short drive from Sandnessjøen, this area is an ideal starting point for your next kayaking adventure on the Helgeland coast.

Level 1
2013-10-3114:49 Guro


Duration: Day excursion

Start your kayak journey by the bridge linking Offersøy and Tjøtta. There is a parking lot, and it’s easy to launch your kayak here. For the most sheltered waters, hug the eastern shore; you can head for Rødøya or to Bærøya, or explore the Vefsnfjord.

Alternatively you can keep left of the bridge, passing the fjord to head for Hestøy and Blomsøy. The large number of islands and islets make the area ideal also for beginners.