For experienced kayakers, Tonnes is a great starting point for exploring the islands of northern Helgeland. For instance, you can head to the Melfjord and the Nordfjord, savouring the view of Svartisen glacier, see Vikingen island with its globe marking your passing the Arctic Circle, and marvel at the mysterious looking mountains of Hestmannen (“the horseman”) and Rødøyløva (“the lion of Rødøya”).

Level 2
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Advanced excursions require you to cross stretches of open sea, where you may be exposed to wind and currents. While there may be some good places to beach a kayak, you may have to be persistent in your search for ideal spots. In some of the area, it is possible to request seaborne assistance or help on shore.

Duration: 3 days


  • From Mo i Rana drive the Coastal Highway Fv17 to Tonnes. Buses also depart from the town’s central station; check whether the bus company can transport your kayak. For bus schedules for Helgeland, please visit
  • The first leg of your journey passes the Arctic Circle globe on Vikingen island, then Buneset, before crossing the Melfjord to Selsøyvik where you can pitch a tent for the night. Be sure to visit Selsøyvik old trading post.
  • Your journey continues to Rødøya via Gjærøya. Pull ashore at Breisundet for lunch at Klokkergården.
  • Combine your kayak journey with a hike up Rødøyløva, 440 m. The summit enjoys a fantastic view of the Helgeland coast.
  • Eager for more kayaking adventures? Take an evening to explore the islands beyond Rødøy, some of which have sheltered coves and sandy white beaches.
  • Pitch a tent or spend the night at Klokkergården.
  • Day 3 is your return to Tonnes. Head south, taking a lunch break at Selsøyvik harbour.

Tips: For a guide or company on your excursion, contact Rana Spesialsport.

These are very accessible and sheltered areas. With convenient locations along the Coastal Highway, they are perfect for extended kayak expeditions along the scenic Helgeland coast.

Terje Rakke/ Nordic Life /
Storsanden beach on the island of Rødøy
Rødøy, click to open in lightbox
Terje Rakke/ Nordic Life /
Storsanden beach on the island of Rødøy
Rødøy, click to open in lightbox
John Lind, Helgeland Kajakk
Rødøy, click to open in lightbox