The Seven Sisters mountain range

For those who are fit for the toughest challenge, it is actually possible to climb atop each of the Seven Sisters on the same day, but most people are quite content to ascend one or two peaks at a time.

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The well-known mountain range is situated just outside Sandnessjøen, along Markvollveien road – just follow Fv17 south from Sandnessjøen. Take the turnoff for Breimo, and continue about 8 km to reach the trailhead to the northernmost peak, and 15 km to the trailhead at Søvik for the southernmost. Follow the road signs. Parking is available at each of the trailheads.

Ascent from Breimo

Botnkrona(1072 m) is the highest of the Seven Sisters. The trail is quite manageable, although a bit steep right before the summit.

Grytfoten(1019 m) is a nice, steady climb.

Parking is available at Elvåsen power station.

The trail starts at Markvoll.

Skjæringen(1037 m) and Tvillingene(the Twins – 945 and 980 m) are well suited for a family walk, with trails that climb slowly and steadily without rocky obstacles, and you have access to clean, fresh water the whole way. Each of these peaks offers a great view – and there is a nice route that takes you to all three of them.

Parking is available at the trailhead.

Ascent from Søvik

Kvasstinden(1010 m) – the last ascent does give some people a sense of vertigo. Before starting your ascent, you must cross a marshy area.

Breitinden(910 m) is the lowest of the Seven Sisters, but the first part of the trail is nonetheless a fairly steep climb. Then it levels off to a more even and relaxed incline.

Parking is available by the sign at Søvikskaret.

Conquering several Sisters

Hikers who have chosen to climb several Sisters, and who may be carrying a heavier backpack, will be pleased to know they don’t need to haul it up every peak. Tvillingene (the Twins), Botnkrona and Kvasstinden have the same route up and down.

The Sandnessjøen Tourist Information Office offer trail maps.

Important information – be mindful of the Norwegian Mountain Code:

- Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected. Turn around in case of fog or bad weather.

- Choose proper footwear with a good grip. The rocky slopes can become very slippery when it rains.

- Bring windproof clothing. Even in the summer, it may be quite cold on the mountaintops.

- Make sure to charge your mobile phone, in case you need to call for help.


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