The Rødøy lion - A majestic mountain hike

Rødøy is located far north on the Helgeland coast, at the gateway to the “land of the midnight sun”. On the ferry crossing, you pass the Arctic Circle monument on Vikingen isle.

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Rødøyløva's head
Rødøyløva is one of the classics. A summit hike of 440 meters above sea level. The hike up is quite steep, but on top of Rødøyløva's head you'll get a phenomenal view extending from the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands in the north to the Vega archipelago in the south.

Whether you start from the trail head by the ferry quay at Smiholmen, or from Klokkergården (the sexton’s residence), the trail to the summit is clearly marked.

From Klokkergården, the first 200 metres of the path are quite steep with a set of stairs, but soon you are rewarded with a great view. From the ferry quay, the walk is longer but easier if you want to avoid steep terrain

The summit offers a breathtaking 360-degree panorama, and a bird’s eye view of the island’s chalk-white beaches and the surrounding crystal-clear waters. Caution is must! The cliff-top has a sheer 400-metre drop.

Duration:Allow 2 hours for your climb.

Difficulty:Steep and somewhat demanding, but a relatively short hike.

How to get here:
Take the express boat from Bodø or Tonnes, or the ferry from Kilboghavn or Jektvik.
For express boat schedules, see Bodø–Helgeland–Bodø (route 23-731), or the Rødøy route for Torghatten-north (route 18-411).
For ferry schedules, please see Kilboghavn–Jektvik (route 18-414) at torghatten.nord.

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View from the top of the mountain Rødøyløva
View from the top of the mountain Rødøyløva
Rødøyløva Helgeland
Rødøyløva Helgeland