Rødøya – magical adventures for young and old

Rødøya has become one of the most popular destinations in Helgeland. The scenic island, which has less than 150 inhabitants, offers white sandy beaches beaches, majestic mountains, and of course a stunningly beautiful archipelago. Here are also fine restaurants, one of the largest churches in Nordland County, and Norway’s only teddy bear museum.

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Here are 5 must-see attractions for your visit to Rødøya

The Fairytale Forest

When you arrive on the morning express boat, you are only a few steps away from your first family attraction – in fact, following the troll footprints takes you right to the Fairytale Forest! The well-marked trail through the forest has informative signs that tell you about elves and trolls, the Hansel and Gretel House, the Forest Gallery, and the Troll Door on the mountain wall. But beware, the troll just might be home!

Rødøy church

Although Rødøy has a population of only 150 people, its church has room for a congregation of 700. The octagonal church is one of the largest in Nordland county. During the summer, Rødøy church is open daily. Its history dates back several hundred years.The story of how the islanders saved the church from fire in 2011 is well worth hearing or reading.

Behind the church is the elegant Sun Park, where you can relax and read information boards on local history, including the story of the legendary Norwegian skater Hjalmar “Hjallis” Andersen, who was born in Rødøy.

Rødøyløva – “the Røydøy lion”

Everyone with the opportunity to visit the summit of Rødøyløva on a clear day should do so. The panorama, which spans almost the entire coast of Helgeland, is incomparable! To the north rise the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands, and below you stretch the beautiful sandy beaches of Rødøya. On clear days you can savour the view and the midnight sun from atop “the Rødøy lion” or from one of those beaches. On Storsand, the largest beach, are free sun-loungers, a barbecue hut, showers and toilets. In 2018, a team of Sherpas are building stone steps that will make the hike to the mountain summit much easier.

Culinary experiences

After a day of activities on Rødøya, it is time to relax with great dining at Klokkergården Gjestegiveri. In addition to a restaurant, the venue has a colourful history, is voted Norway’s best guest harbour, and has comfortable accommodation, as well as showers and laundry facilities. The restaurant features dishes based on the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, including halibut, saithe, scallops and lamb, all served in beautiful surroundings. There is also a varied children’s menu – ask about “Malin’s Snowball”!

Other dining venues on Rødøya are Pikekyss Café and Rødøy Kro & Bar.

Bamsehuset – Norway’s only Teddy Bear Museum!

You have to go to Rødøya to find Norway’s only Teddy Bear Museum. In this charming house live an astonishing 1500 teddy bears – ten times the population or Rødøy itself. On the ground floor there is a small café. Above are many rooms, each furnished according to its own theme, where the teddy bears live happy lives. And they love visitors!

Practical information: You can get here by express boat from Bodø or Tonnes or ferry from Kilboghavn or Jektvik. The road on Rødøy stretches about 5 km and passes many of the island’s wonderful sandy beaches.

For express boat schedules, visit Torghatten Nord  and check route 23-731 Bodø-Helgeland-Bodø or route 18-411 Rødøy. For ferry schedules, visit Torghatten Nord and check route 18-414 Jektvik-Kilboghavn

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Visit Rødøya
Visit Rødøya
Visit Rødøya
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