Experience Helgeland’s incredible mountains

Mountains that rise directly from the sea in shapes you have never seen before, a mountain shaped like a hat, one with a hole right through it, mountains with special features and amazing panoramic views of peaks and the sea – the mountains in Helgeland provide you magical nature-based experiences on the coast as well as in inland areas.

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Seven beautiful sisters

Seven beauties one after the other – we are talking about the Seven Sisters mountain range, situated at Alstenøya along route no. 17. Hiking trails to all peaks and between them are well marked and the hikes may be accomplished by anyone in normal physical form. You can focus on one peak at a time or if you are in particularly good form you can ascend all seven peaks on the same hike. The peaks range in height from 910 to 1072 m above sea level. Visit the tourist information centre in Sandnessjøen for a map of the hiking routes.

The mountain with a hole through it

Torghatten, with its large hole right through it, is known both nationally and internationally. This amazing mountain lies 15 km from downtown Brønnøysund, rises 258 m above sea level and is surrounded by myths and legends. The normal route up to the hole is via a well-marked trail on the eastern side of the mountain. After a hike of approx. 30 minutes, you are standing in a 160 m long, 25-75 m high and 12-27 m wide hole. The view from the hole is wonderful and you can start looking forward to this memorable hike.


The mountain formation Hestmannen lies in both the municipalities of Lurøy and Rødøy and has throughout history been a clear navigation marker for shipping along the Helgeland Coast. The highest point is 571 m above sea level. From both its western and southern sides the mountain looks unable to be conquered, but the eastern side offers a wonderful hike to the summit. Your efforts will be rewarded with brilliant and spectacular views of the Helgeland Coast.

The magical Trænstaven

The island of Sanna in Træna Municipality has three mountains, the highest of which is Trænstaven (338 m above sea level). The hike up Trænstaven will not suit everyone as you will need to climb steep rock faces rising directly from the sea. But those who venture to the summit are rewarded with a completely unique feeling of mountains and sea. The view is magical and in clear weather you can see all the way to the island of Røst in Lofoten. This is a steep and challenging hike so we recommend you speak to local people on the island to find the most suitable route.

The “tower” of Bindal

Mount Heilhornet in Bindal (1058 m above sea level) resembles a tower. The hike combines steep and gradual inclines and takes 3-5 hours. A marked trail leads to the summit and those reaching the top are rewarded with incredible views of the Børgefjell massif in the east, Namdalen to the south and the Seven Sisters range in the north. You will find Heilhornet on road no. 17 in the direction of Holm and Kjelleidet.

The realm of the puffin

Well out at sea, south of Træna, you will discover the island of Lovund with its distinctive mountain Lovundfjellet. The hike up to the 623 m summit is via a well-marked trail on the mountain’s southern side. It is somewhat steep at the start, but levels out after a while. You should allow at least two hours to reach the top. The mountain is best known for its large puffin colony, which comes in April every year.


You will find this 922 m high mountain on the island of Tomma in Nesna Municipality. The mountain can only be conquered from the north and the starting point is Forsland on the eastern side of Tomma, approx. 4 km from the ferry landing. It is a challenging hike in steep terrain. You should allow at least three hours to the summit, but you will be rewarded by panoramic views of all of Helgeland’s mountains and the archipelago.

“The face”

Dønnamannen (858 m above sea level) is the legendary mountain with human characteristics. If you see the mountain in profile, you can clearly see the face of a man lying on the ridge – a fascinating sight. From the summit you have a fantastic view and on a fine day you can see the Lofoten Wall and Okstindan, the Seven Sisters, Vega and Lovund to name but a few. The easiest ascent is on the southern side, with marked trails from Breivika and Teigstad. The northern face is only recommended for experienced mountaineers with climbing equipment.


This is one of Helgeland’s classic summit ascents. Rødøyløva (440 m above sea level) is situated near Klokkergården on the island of Rødøy. This is a pretty steep hike. Rødøyløva means the Rødøy lion, and the head offers a fantastic view of the Helgeland Coast and Lofoten. A clear, well-marked trail leads up to the summit.

Hatten – Hattfjelldal’s landmark

Hatten (meaning “the hat”) resembles a hat and lies in Hattfjelldal Municipality. The 6 km long trail to the summit is well marked and leads through beech forest, over marshlands and grassy hillsides. Follow route no. 73/Krutfjellvegen from Hattfjelldal then turn off towards Lake Elsvatn. Continue to the parking area just past Elsvatn farm, the starting point of this hike.

The roof of Northern Norway

Oksskolten (1915 m above sea level) is Northern Norway’s highest mountain and lies in Hemnes Municipality. The view from the summit is exceptionally beautiful, a panorama of mountain peaks and sea. The easiest route to the summit is from Lake Kjensvatnet. There is a marked trail from here to the apron of the Okstind Glacier. You need to cross the glacier so talk with locals or join a guided hike if you don’t have previous glacier hiking experience.

These are some of the many mountains you can climb in Helgeland. Please contact us for more information about hiking routes and maps.

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Dønnesfjellet, dønna, view of lovund, click to open in lightbox
Heidi Prestenghaug
Okstindbreen glacier
Okstindbreen glacier, click to open in lightbox
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Mountain View
Mountain View, click to open in lightbox
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Torghatten, click to open in lightbox
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The Seven Sisters
The Seven Sisters, click to open in lightbox
View from the mountain chain De syv søstre
View from the mountain chain De syv søstre, click to open in lightbox
Trænafestivalen, click to open in lightbox
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View towards Hestmannen
View towards Hestmannen, click to open in lightbox

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