From Mo i Rana to Rødøy

Mo i Rana is a town below the Arctic circle, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The oldest part of town is Moholmen. Near the harbour, the 10-metre-high sculpture Ocean Man stands watch. Visit the river park Klokkerhagen – and do consider attending a performance by Nordland Theatre.

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Near Mo you can explore caves, go on a guided glacier walk, and visit the Arctic Circle Centre on the high moorland of Saltfjellet. Our journey continues along the Coastal Highway Fv17/Fv12 towards Kilboghamn – take the ferry to Jektvik. On board, savour the view as you sail past the Arctic Cirle Monument on the island Vikingen.

You’re now in the land of the midnight sun! In Rødøy, consider a walk up Rødøyløva (440 m) at the island Rødøya . Also be sure to visit the old trading post. The island offers handmade glass, and boat trips into the beautiful Nordfjord, which is a part of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park.

You can also take a ferry or express boat just to explore the nearby waters.

Detours: From Stokkvågen, take the ferry or express boat to Lurøy, or the express boat or a fast boat to Lovund.

ITINERARY: Mo i Rana – Kilboghamn – Jektvik – Rødøy.

Distance: 132 km + ferry

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