From Mosjøen to Vega via Brønnøysund

The trip starts in the town of Mosjøen (see Route 2). Head south on highway E6 to Grane, and new adventures. The first stop is Laksforsen, an impressive 17-metre-high waterfall. From nearby Trofors, we also suggest a rafting adventure on the Auster-Vefsna river.

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Continue south on E6 to Brenna, taking the turnoff onto Fv76 towards Brønnøysund. Allow time for a stop at Nevernes harbour, which has a centre celebrating Helgeland’s coastal culture.

In Brønnøysund, a must-see is Torghatten, the famous mountain with a hole through it. Your itinerary should also include a stroll through Brønnøysund’s old town centre, and a visit to the Aquaculture Center at Toft.

To reach Vega, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, take the ferry from Horn. Vega’s E-House Museum documents the ancient local practice of building protective houses for the eider duck and harvesting its valuable down after the hatchlings leave the nest.

You may also be tempted to go on a boat trip and perhaps a fishing excursion, or enjoy the tranquillity of kayaking, hiking or cycling on your own.

Detours: Consider a visit to the island of Ylvingen, or Vevelstad with its old trading post and compact old hamlet.

ITINERARY: Mosjøen – Grane – Brønnøysund – Vega.

Distance: 190 km (to Nes) + Ferry.

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