From Sandnessjøen to Herøy and Dønna

Drive the Coastal Highway Fv17 towards Søvik, taking the 40-minute ferry to Herøy. Herøy and its archipelago offers outstanding outdoor adventures and amazing views of the Seven Sisters mountains, Dønnamannen, Lovund and Vega.

2019-05-0313:01 Georg Enga

Herøy is a paradise for cyclists, and the fishing is excellent. You can take a sea-rafting adventure, enjoy kayaking or hiking. We suggest a visit to Herøy Church, also known as the Cathedral of Helgeland.

Continue your journey across Åkviksund Bridge to Dønna, which has a proud history, magnificent scenery and varied wildlife. Dønnes Church, dating from the 11th century, has Norway’s best-preserved mausoleum.

The nearby cultural trail takes you up Dønnesfjellet (127 m). If you’re eager for a bigger challenge, hike up to the summit of Dønnamannen (858 m). The island of Dønna offers great cycling, kayaking and boating. For the best swimming, head to Løkta, a smaller island northeast of Dønna.

ITINERARY: Sandnessjøen – Herøy – Dønna.

Distance: 80 km + ferry.

Terje Rakke
Jan Inge Larsen

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