Traveling in Nordland has never been more beautiful

Experience Nordland coast by speedboat - take this year's most beautiful summer routes with Nordland Express.

2019-06-0715:29 Georg Enga

Speedboat in Nordland public transport

Local transport and real stories

The express boat binds Nordland together and you come up from the south to the north of the county with the boat, which is colloquially referred to as NEX`en (Nordland express) . If you wish to experience Nordland you need to see the region from the sea, this is were the culture, tradition and national character comes from, and best of all - catamarans is a favorite means of transport for the locals. With a little luck and a cup of coffee can make you stories from the open sea by a local fisherman, or learn more about life as a mother of young children on an island in the ocean - or "Værran" as we call it.

Facilitate transport and enhance the experience

If you buy Travel Pass Nordlandyou can travel as much as you want with both bus and ferry connections with fixed price NOK 990, - for adults and 495 - for children.Then you can travel seamlessly on land and water, without redeem new tickets or think about the cost for seven days. That means you can hop on and off the fast ferry and see the experiences along the route, take detours on the bus and go on the boat where appropriate. The newest b baits our MS Elsa Laula Renberg and Ms. Regine Normann is tailored experiences along the coast of Nordland, with easy storage for kayaks and bicycles, wireless internet, charging stations and universal design.  

Download PDF Download this year's summer routes here

More departures in summer

In summer speedboat all the way from Sandnessjoen to Svolvaer, in addition to the local pane along the coast and out to the islands. Sommer The routes in addition to the regular routes, allowing you to experience all the Nordland coast at your own pace. Here you will find all the timetables.Southbound route called NEX 1 and runs from Bodo along Helgelandskysten while NEX 2 goes from Bodo and north Svolvaer Lofoten. Plan your next trip in the travel planner here .

Island hopping on the Helgeland or easy transportation from Bodo to Lofoten? Do as the locals, take the boat. 


Experience all Nordland and save money

Since travel card Travel Pass Nordland applies to both bus and speedboat, you can travel seamlessly on land and water for the same price. If you plan both hopping on the Helgeland and to experience Lofoten, you save considerably on your holiday budget by taking advantage of the Travel Pass Nordland. You can actually travel from Sandnessjøen in the south, to Svolvaer and on to Å in the north, for a mere $ 990, a trip that would otherwise cost 1,635 kroner per adult. And best of all - travel card lasts for seven days!  If you will be guaranteed a place on the boat, you must book in advance. 

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Travel Pass Nordland as travel cards, and mobile

You can buy the Travel Pass Nordland in app Ticket Nordland , then travel card active from the time of purchase. If you buy it over the counter, on the bus or in the tourist information center, activated it from the first trip. In the next seven days you can travel worry-free round in Nordland, both with regional bus, city bus and speedboat. 

Read more about how to download and use billettappen here

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