Torshavn in Lurøy

Torshavn is a great place to eat and have events. In July and August, there is a café and an eatery on Torshavn. Here they serve everything from sandwiches, coffee, waffles, ice cream and cakes - preferably with a local dispute, to delicious dishes based on locally produced food.

Order food and bring along to the trip to the cottage or with you at Loke and Thors Hammer - rib boats. Torshavn has rooms and separate rooms for closed parties or events. Here they can offer a complete package of food, transportation, experience and accommodation.

All rights. - with fresh locally produced food and great flavours. Welcome to Torshavn - cafe and eatery!

Food & drink
2019-05-1523:52 Georg Enga

Combine your visit to Torshavn with accommodation at Røssøygården. Røssøygården is a perfect starting point for wonderful experiences on the Helgeland coast. With mountains, sea and nature in the immediate vicinity, and with all the islands and surrounding areas you have endless possibilities. You can also do adventures such as boat trips, fishing trips, kayak tours, mountain walks, diving, local food experiences.

Røssøygården is open all year to tourists and companies in Norway and abroad as accommodation, base camp for experiences on the Helgeland coast, as well as for courses and conferences.

Røssøygården has 9 bedrooms with accommodation for up to 20 people, conference facilities for 20-22 people, common living room, dining room and kitchen.

There is also the possibility to book trips with boats; ribs "Tors Hammer" and a Targa 32 "Loki" used for adventure tours and transport for visitors. They pick up and bring along the entire Helgeland coast, both long and short distances.

8766 Lurøy

Torshavn is located on Lurøya near the old town hall (now Town Hall Square) and the shop on Helgeland in Nordland county. Lurøya is connected to the mainland by ferry (Onøy - Stokkvågen).

8766 Lurøy

Telefon: 41235282