Gilles Cafe & Music

Gilles is a friendly cultural café that arranges pub nights with music and concerts throughout the year.

2017-02-2311:52 Øyvind Restad

Also on the menu are hearty entrées, light dishes and desserts. The lunch buffet that is offered 11am–5pm every day consists of tasty Norwegian as well as international dishes.

A Sushi & Tapas Buffet is featured on Wednesday evenings, 6–10pm.

Gilles is fully licensed and situated on Sjøgata street, the historic heart of Mosjøen. While the house is 19th-century, the venue itself has a retro 1960s and 1970s feel to it.

Sjøgata 6
8656 Mosjøen

Telefon: 75 17 54 54

Gilles Cafe

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