Furuheim Gård (farm)

In a lush mountain village on inner Helgeland, with Børgefjell as neighbor and the river Susna close by, you’ll find Furuheim farm. Here they offer accommodation, local food, guiding and good experiences!

2019-03-0700:19 Simon Fossheim

Furuheim farm is located 30 km from the center of Hattfjelldal, on the south side of Susendal. The farm itself lies in the middle of a fascinating cultural landscape and is one of the gateways into the Børgefjell National Park. Here you can rent houses for accommodation, relaxation and to charge your batteries. If you want to stop by for a shorter visit, you are welcome to do so. And of course catering is an option for short visits as well (on request).

If you wish to book accommodation, you’ll be able to choose either “Tømmerstua” or “Kårstua”. Both houses have a good standard and all the necessary facilities you could need for a comfortable stay. The farm has a total of 15 beds, divided on 8 rooms. Both houses come with a well equipped kitchen and bathroom. TV and WIFI are also available.

Furuheim farm and the surrounding area are rich in activities and experiences. Some is dependent on the season, while others are available the whole year. Of activities close by, one could mention great conditions for bicycling in Susendal, hiking and hunting in Børgefjell and fishing in the river Susna. You’ll also have the opportunity to see elk and reindeer in Susendal, especially in the spring.

The farm also offers guiding in Susendal with focus on the history of the settlers that came here and all the way up to today. The nature and the culture offer interesting experiences. It is a fantastic environment, rich in history and culture worth a visit.

The hosts of Furuheim farm warmly welcomes you and hopes that your stay is pleasant! Please contact us if you have any question.

Sørsiveien 864
8690 Hattfjelldal

Susendal, about 30 km from Hattfjelldal centre.

Telefon: 928 48 356
E-post: post@furuheimgaard.no
Nettside: https://furuheimgaard.no/?lang=en

Furuheim gård
Furuheim Gård
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Furuheim gård
Furuheim Gård
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Furuheim gård
Furuheim Gård
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