The pristine wilderness and varied landscapes of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park offer a paradise for the eager adventurer. Svartisen, the second largest glacier on mainland Norway, covers a fifth of the national park. On your hikes, you may discover some of the many Sàmi cultural monuments.

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The national park has an extensive network of marked trails, including one that follows the old telegraph line between Rana and Saltdal. Along the trails are a number unmanned cabins and self-service mountain huts.

Anglers will find excellent fishing opportunities for trout and char in the mountain lakes of Saltfjellet. In addition, there are four major salmon rivers originating in the national park, including Ranaelva river.

The eastern areas offer small game hunting, including plentiful ptarmigan; moose hunters will head for the heart of the national park.

The westernmost areas of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park are dominated by high mountains, glaciers, deep fjords and glaciers.

Important rules in all Norwegian national parks:

  • Stop wherever you want, and camp for the night if you wish. But tidy up afterwards and take your rubbish home.
  • Feel free to go wherever you want, on foot or on skis. Anything with an engine is basically banned.
  • You may light a fire, but remember the general ban on fires in woodland between 15 April and 15 September. Show consideration when you gather firewood. Never leave a burning campfire.
  • You may pick berries, mushrooms and common plants for your own use.
  • Show consideration for cultural heritage sites, vegetation and animal life.
  • Fishing and hunting are allowed, provided it’s in season and you have a fishing or hunting licence. Never take live fish from one river or lake to another. 

Practical information

For more information: Maps and more information is available from the Tourist Information Centre in Mo i Rana. 

Nearest town: Mo i Rana. 

Maps: "Det store Saltfjellkartet", "Sulitjelma-Saltfjellet" or "Sundsfjordfjellet-Svartisen". 

Cabins: There are cabins both in and outside of the National Park. Most of these are owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association, Statskog  Norges Jeger- og Fiskeforbund (in Norwegian only).

How to get here: By plane to Mo i Rana. Train to Hjartåsen, Bolna, Lønsdal or Røkland station.

By car: E6 to Mo i Rana, follow directions from there, dependig on your starting point and chosen route in the national park. 

Guidede hikes and glacier tours: Rana Spesialsport, phone: +47 909 51 108.
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