Lomsdal-Visten National Park is an incredibly varied wilderness, ranging from fjords to vast forests and towering mountains. While there are some
trails at the outskirts of the national park, you will have to find your own way in the high-mountain terrain. There are some mountain huts, but in most areas you will need your own tent.

2013-08-0810:21 Gunn Johansen

The national park covers parts of four municipalities: Vefsn, Grane, Brønnøy and Vevelstad.

Map and compass are an absolute must in Lomsdal- Visten National Park. Also bear in mind that much of the bedrock is gneiss, which absorbs very little water, and that the water flow in the streams and rivers may vary greatly. During heavy rains and the snow-melt, the rivers may become dangerously high.

For hiking suggestions and to download GPS way-marks, please visit Turkart Helgeland (nn Norwegian only). For an overview of mountain huts and information on fishing in the national park, see the national parks own website (in Norwegian only). 

Important rules in all Norwegian national parks:

  • Stop wherever you want, and camp for the night if you wish. But tidy up afterwards and take your rubbish home.
  • Feel free to go wherever you want, on foot or on skis. Anything with an engine is basically banned.
  • You may light a fire, but remember the general ban on fires in woodland between 15 April and 15 September. Show consideration when you gather firewood. Never leave a burning campfire.
  • You may pick berries, mushrooms and common plants for your own use.
  • Show consideration for cultural heritage sites, vegetation and animal life.
  • Fishing and hunting are allowed, provided it’s in season and you have a fishing or hunting licence. Never take live fish from one river or lake to another
Carl Nordberg
From Lomsdal-Visten Nationalpark
Magnar Solbakk
Vistmannen Mountain in Lomsdal-Visten, Vevelstad

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