Børgefjell National Park is a magnificent mountain wilderness, covering 1447 km2. The west is dominated by tall mountains, deep valleys and numerousakes. In the shadowy lower reaches, you may encounter patches of snow and ice that never melt. The dramatic southern areas have raging rivers and waterfalls, whereas the gently eastern tracts are dominated by rounded mountains and heathlands.

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The national park covers a total area of 1447 km2 and the highest mountain is Kvigtind, 1699 m.

You need several days if you really wish to experience the grandeur and tranquillity of Børgefjell National Park. Bear in mind that you may need a full day to reach the park’s interior, and another to get back. Be sure to bring warm clothes and raingear, and proper equipment to face changeable weather conditions.

Børgefjell National Park is best suited for experienced outdoorsmen. Although much of the terrain is easily accessible, especially the valleys, you will not find the huts or lodges, marked trails or bridges you may be accustomed to in less remote national parks.

Experience and a good map and compass are absolutely crucial! Three traditional gateways to Børgefjell National Park are: from Tomasvatnet lake near Majavatn (about 2 km from highway E6), from Simskardet in the valley of Fiplingdal, and From Harvassdalen in Susendal near Øyum, Oksvollen or Storvollen.

Maps of the national park may be purchased at the Tourist Information Office in Mosjøen.

Important rules in all Norwegian national parks:

  • Stop wherever you want, and camp for the night if you wish. But tidy up afterwards and take your rubbish home.
  • Feel free to go wherever you want, on foot or on skis. Anything with an engine is basically banned.
  • You may light a fire, but remember the general ban on fires in woodland between 15 April and 15 September. Show consideration when you gather firewood. Never leave a burning campfire.
  • You may pick berries, mushrooms and common plants for your own use.
  • Show consideration for cultural heritage sites, vegetation and animal life.
  • Fishing and hunting are allowed, provided it’s in season and you have a fishing or hunting licence. Never take live fish from one river or lake to another. 
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Børgefjell Nationalpark
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Arctic Fox
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