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Laksforsen nature and cultural gallery tells the history of the Salmon River Vefsna, specifically its use and recreation close to one of Norway’s most fantastic waterfalls. You’ll find the gallery in the lower floor of Laksforsen café, approximately 30 km south of Mosjøen and approximately 8 km north of Trofors in Grane.

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You should also take the time to visit Trofors, where Grane Bygdetun lies. Here you’ll find a rich collection of cultural historic buildings from the 18th and the 19th century.

At Tromoan there are archeological finds of hunting pits dated back to 600-700 A.D. This hunting facility is designated as Grane’s cultural heritage in a collection called “Fotefar mot nord” (Footsteps to the north). An 800 meters long path from Grane Bygdetun leads to the facility.

Grane Bygdetun is open on request or at different events.

8680 Trofors

Telefon: 911 79 802
E-post: grane@helgelandmuseum.no

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