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The city museum of Mosjøen is located in Jacobsenbrygga, a beautiful yellow dock in Sjøgata, the old part of Mosjøen from the 18th-19th century.

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Here they offer regular exhibitions about the history of Mosjøen. In addition to this there are exhibitions about the long tradition the town have with cafés and about the Salmon River Vefsna. The museum has also themed exhibitions, lectures and other events through the year.

On the first floor you’ll find a small shop where you can buy local literature, handicraft objects and other great gifts.

The old Shell station
If you walk north along the Sjøgata Street and into Strandgata Street you’ll find Norway’s second oldest gas station. This great Shell station was built in 1933 and was protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in 2016. The station is open in the summer season (July) or in request.

Bygdetunet Museum
At Dolstad just by the Dolstad church you will find Bygdetunet Museum. Here you’ll find traditional farm buildings which tell the story of the living conditions in the Vefsn area over a period of 300 years. In one of the buildings they have an exhibition about the gorgeous Nordlandsbunaden (traditional folk costume). Bygdetunet Museum is open in the summer season.

Helgeland Museum offers guiding in Sjøgata including Jacobsenbrygga, at Bygdetunet Museum and in the Dolstad church on request.

Sjøgata 31B
8656 Mosjøen

Telefon: 75 11 01 21

Helgeland museum
Shellstasjon in Mosjøen
Shellstasjon in Mosjøen