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In Hattfjelldal it is Fjellfolkets Hus (House of the mountain people) which is the museums home base. Here you’ll find great exhibitions and disseminations services about the place. In the house there is also a Tourist Information Office, a café, accommodation and place for meetings and events.

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Lensmannsgården (The Sheriffs farm) which is located 200 meters east of the church is a cultural historic house from 1929. Here there is a village collection with a selection of different objects from the county.

In the old general store in Kroken in the Susendal valley you’ll find a small gallery that depicts trade and travel across the border too Sweden.
You can also visit Heggneset, a Sami woodsman’s farm, "Buret" in Ørjedalen valley, a Sami cultural heritage site from 1770, a Sami cultural center and much more.

Please contact the Tourist Information Office or the museum for more information or possibly guiding.

Hattfjelldalsvollen 1
8690 Hattfjelldal

Telefon: 456 18 350 / 75 18 48 22.
E-post: hattfjelldal@helgelandmuseum.no
Nettside: http://www.helgelandmuseum.no

Helgeland museum
Gammelbutikken i Kroken
Gammelbutikken i Kroken, click to open in lightbox
Helgeland museum
"Buret" in Ørjedalen
"Buret" in Ørjedalen, click to open in lightbox