Freshwater fishing at Helgeland

From Børgefjell National Park and the tracts of Børgefjellet to the south, to Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park in the north, Helgeland offers many opportunities for great freshwater fishing. Eager anglers may choose between secluded woodland ponds, crystal-clear rivers, large lakes, and tarns high above the tree line.

2019-05-0209:13 Georg Enga

Børgefjell National Park has many streams, rivers and lakes. Trout abound in just about all of them. The large, tasty trout here is renowned – this is paradise for anglers. Norway’s second largest lake, Røssvatnet, spanning Hattfjelldal and Hemnes municipalities, offers excellent fishing for char. Good fish-ing can also be found in Hattfjelldal’s other 1600 lakes; inquire at the Tourist Information Office.

Some of the best fishing lakes of Lomsdal-Visten National Park are in Grane municipality: Elgviddevatnet, Jordbruvatnet and Gåsvatnet, to name but a few. Lomsdal–Visten spans municipalities: Grane, Brønnøy, Vevelstad and Vefsn – and throughout the national park you will find excellent fishing spots. A map of Lomsdal-Visten National Park is available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Mosjøen or Brønnøysund.

Farther north along highway E6 in Rana, and towards the Swedish border, are numerous lakes that offer good fishing, for instance beyond Raudvatnet. Umskartjønna tarn is accessible for fishing by wheelchair users. The scenic Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park has great fishing for trout and char in many lakes. Please contact the Tourist Information Office in Mo i Rana for maps and detailed information.

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