Important information: fishing in the Vefsna river

Hattfjelldal offers great freshwater fishing, and the trout and char are of excellent quality. Below are a few suggestions; for additional tips check out our Helgeland trail map. Eager anglers will be pleased to know that they can once again fish the renowned salmon river Vefsna, all the river up to Fellingforsen falls. The total catch allowed for the river is 600 male salmon. The salmon season is July and August, and a fishing license is of course required.

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Important information (!)

Special fishing rules apply to the river between Laksfors and Fellingforsen falls. You may only keep male salmon shorter than 65 cm – all other salmon must be released unharmed. On this particular stretch of river, the start of the season is delayed until 1 August, to allow migration of smaller salmon.

Fishing from bridges is prohibited, and it is forbidden to fish in the red-marked conservation zones near the salmon stairs.

We ask all anglers to act responsibly, as the salmon population in the re-opened Vefsna river is very vulnerable. As recovery continues in the years ahead, fishing will be allowed along additional stretches of the river. We fully expect the Vefsna to reclaim its position as one of Norway’s premier salmon rivers – with catches greater than those of the famous Alta and Namsen rivers.

Authorities will be monitoring fishing activities along the entire river.


Everyone is required to disinfect their fishing gear before using it in the Vefsna river. This is to prevent a reoccurrence of the parasite that decimated the river’s salmon population. Disinfection of fishing gear is available is free of charge at VeFis disinfection stations in Mosjøen and at Trofors. Absolutely all fishing gear, including nets, waders, rain boots and boats that have been used in other rivers this season, must be disinfected before being used in the Vefsna river.

Any violation of this disinfection requirement is punishable by expulsion from the river and heavy fines.

Fishermen are required to report their catch.

Fishing licenses and catch reports

The Vefsna river is divided into different zones, and separate licenses are required for each stretch of river. These fishing licenses are sold online at By midnight every fisherman must report their catch, including data on released fish, on the website NB. Also fishing that does not result in a catch must be reported by midnight. Catch information is made publicly available.

Please note that all fishermen must also have a valid national fishing license for salmon, sea trout and sea trout. Fishermen must present receipt on request to the wildlife authorities patrolling the river.

For additional information about fishing in the Vefsna river, please visit


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Fiske i Vefsnavassdraget
Fiske i Vefsnavassdraget
Stefan Barth
Laksforsen i Grane
Laksforsen i Grane
Terje Rakke NordicLife/visithelgeland
Fiske i Vefsnavassdraget
Fiske i Vefsnavassdraget