Fishing in Hattfjelldal

The municipality of Hattfjelldal offers great opportunities for freshwater fishing, for both trout and char. Here are a few suggestions. You will see additional destinations on Helgeland’s trail map.

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This is one of the most popular lakes in Hattfjelldal, offering excellent char and trout fishing. To reach Daningen, drive Rv73 to Hattfjelldal and continue towards Susendal and Harvassdalen. The path takes you through easy but somewhat boggy terrain. Follow the marked Nordland Trail (Nordlandsruta) for about 2 km, then take the northeastern fork to reach the lake.

In the summer, you can park in Harvassdalen and walk the 3.3-km trail to the lake. In winter, it’s better to park in Ørjedalen and follow the 11-km snowmobile trail to Daningen lake.


You can drive all the way up to the shore of this lake, making it ideal for a family outing. From Hattfjelldal village centre, follow Rv73 towards the Swedish border, taking the turnoff towards Elsvatn. Sørtjønna is situated just past Elsvatn, 20 km from Hattfjelldal village.

Although moderate in size, the fish are plentiful, giving excellent odds of a catch to young and old. We suggest using worm as bait, perhaps combined with a dipper. The water is also well-suited to fly-fishing.


Nortjønna requires a 20-kilometre hike from the closest parking. From Hattfjelldal drive 4 km towards Susendal; from the parking lot follow the marked trail to the lake. Nortjønna lies in a sheltered valley, which means its waters are often calm. There is a shelter by the lake.

The trout caught often weigh close to half a kilo, with firm reddish meat. Earthworms and lures usually yield a good catch. The best fishing is to be had early in summer but is often good throughout the season.


Øverelsvatnet, called Bijjie Aalesjaevrie in Sámi, lies at an elevation of 666 m. It is a very attractive lake with excellent trout fishing and increasingly, also char.

From Hattfjelldal village centre drive Rv73 towards the Swedish border. At the Elsvatn junction, take Fv294. You can park at Storvoll farm. The route, which starts just above the farm, is an old animal track that takes you along the western shore of the lake. Wooden footbridges take you across the boggiest areas.

The first part of the trail takes you through an area that was heavily logged in the 1960s. Soon you reach the dwarf-birch woodlands and the treeline. At the end of the trail are benches, a barbecue pit, and a boathouse that belongs to Hattfjelldal’s fishing and hunting association.


You may rent a cabin from the local fishing and hunting association, even if you are not a member. For cabin rental, visit Coop Byggmix in Hattfjelldal village centre.

Many of the best fishing areas are run by Statskog, which manages state-owned forests, and fishing licenses may be purchased from them.

Map of lakes and rivers

Check out the Helgeland hiking map, which shows additional lakes that are teeming with fish.


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