Visit Nesna - Join the RIB out to the sea eagle's kingdom - right in Helgeland's magnificent archipe

VisitNesna takes you to meet up with the majestic bird up close, while hearing exciting stories from our traditional coast. We navigate safely between islands and islets to give you the good experiences - the coffee tastes best when it is enjoyed on a chalky white beach!

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2019-02-0121:13 Georg Enga

The Helgeland coast's spectacular archipelago is home to one of the world's largest stocks of sea eagles. The majestic bird was almost extinct as it was protected at the end of the 60's, but since then the stock has grown sharply - which seems good when you go by boat in the archipelago

The great animal is Northern Europe's largest bird of prey with a wingspan of up to 2.5 meters. Experiencing the bird up close is both exciting and magnificent.

A RIB trip is a healthy and safe experience that you can do all year round. Especially nice is going out by boat in the beautiful winter light here north. Safety and our passengers' safety is our top priority, and all passengers are provided with floating suit and life jacket.

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