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Sail Helgeland offers week trips that include sailing, navigation training, seamanship, and experiencing amazing scenery. They want to sail as much as possible. Either along the Helgeland coast, far out in the open sea, or inside the fjords, depending on the weather.

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Captains Steinar Willassen
Steinar is always on the move, exploring the wonders of the world, making new friends, making unforgettable memories and sharing her experiences with other adventurous souls. His background is about 60 years in the boat (it's a long long story). Hence about 40 years in the Norwegian Navy as an officer, and with about 18 years on vessels (warship / coastguard). He is a trained navigator from the Naval War School, and also learned to sail there. Has crossed the Atlantic, sailed in the Mediterranean, Biscaya, Iceland-Greenland, but he loves the Norwegian coast, and especially Helgeland. The Norwegian coast is fantastic, and the Helgeland area is one of the best, according to Steinar. Born and raised in the area, he explored it in my youth with scuba diving, fishing and exciting navigation.

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The boat is a Bavaria 46. It has the comfort needed and some more. There are 4 spacious cabins, two bathrooms, and plenty of room for 6 - 8 people for accommodation. The boat has roller genoa and roll size sails which makes it easy to adjust sailing depending on conditions. It is not a "racing" boat, but made more for comfort. At the same time, it sails well enough so that one does not last in port.

For practical info and planned tours, see Seil Helgeland's website..

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